Pittsburgh Plug and Products Corp.

Precision plugs with unparalelled quality

Since its early beginning as a manufacturer of core hole plugs for cylinder block castings, over fifty five years ago, Pittsburgh Plug & Products Corporation has specialized in contract manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Today, our products are forged on National Cold Formers, using five dies to produce a variety of sizes, lengths, and head styles. Coiled wire is the principal raw material ingredient with sizes ranging up to over 1-1/16 inches in diameter. Various grades of steel, brass, and aluminum are purchased to exacting specifications free from non-metallic inclusions, segregations, and seams. Essentially a scrapless operation, with no cut-off or trimming waste, all plug blanks are held to extremely close tolerances to assure leak-proof seals after threading. Secondary operations performed on special purpose automatic machines, suitable for chucking, machining, and roll threading, compliment fast and efficient production methods.

Recipient of the prestigious Ford Q1 Award, Pittsburgh Plug & Products is QS-9000 certified a quality standard meeting the combined requirements from Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Corporation.

We have developed a reputation for quality products, technical competence, and optimum service to meet our customer’s needs.

We are located in western Pennsylvania, approximately 45 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh.

P.O. Box H
Evans City, PA 16033
Phone (724) 538-4022 Ext. 21
Fax: (724) 538-4105
E-mail: sales@pittsburghplug.com